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In this electronic age, I find myself working with an application focused on collecting the data of an individual’s medical makeup which is constructed of code - much like DNA. As I view the world daily through this filter of small to larger objects, I can’t help but see my visual photographic constructions embedded with symbolic meaning – from the smallest element – the digital artifact or analog grain - to the larger final installation piece.

In this portfolio, I have created a group of compositions from film negatives and digital images, reconfiguring them to represent events reflective of my life passage. These works, embedded with symbolic code, were designed with the intent to communicate a visual message to you.  I hope you enjoy and connect with what you see.

To view current work, click here: http://www.deadphotographerssociety.com/member_galleries/members/levin_mel/photo_gallery.htm

Contact me by email: mglev08@yahoo.com